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Oodaloop International provides competent Personal Protection and Firearms Training in a variety of areas.

We offer a variety of styles of class formats to fit our clients unique needs ranging from Individual/Private to Group Classes as well as custom tailored.


Courses are taught by Richard L. Hill is the Founder and Chief Instructor for Oodaloop International. Mr. Hill comes from a highly specialized background of Law Enforcement, and Personal Security Field. He is a master class shooter/IDPA/USPSA , served in Iraq conducting Personal Security & Firearms Training as well as Ballistic Expert. For the past 27 years Richard has been devoted to protecting, serving and teaching teammates and clients in the public and private sectors all over the globe.

But most importantly he has been successfully teaching people just like you how to shoot for many years.

*** To Schedule training or get more details on the classes  please contact us at 713.444.2356



This course is an introduction to the shotgun and its strengths and weaknesses.  
selection of shotgun to fit your personal needs
proper techniques for cleaning and manipulation of weapon
shooting from variety of distances as well as positions
malfunction procedures
ammunition selection
loading & unloading of weapon
safe carry mode of weapon



Police Shotgun & Tactical Rifle combination of both weapons strengths and weaknesses regarding police usage.
Learned Objectives:
safety procedures
carry mode of each weapon
applicable optics
ammunition selection
correct and acceptable slings for each weapon
shooting from standing, kneeling and prone at varied distances
proper loading of both weapon systems
Students will learn both dry and live fire drills, and be able to demonstrate and qualify  with both weapon systems at the end of the course.




The objective of this program is for students to learn to shoot fast and accurately by utilizing a systematic method of structured drills.  These drills will be both life fire ad dry fire and will include a scoring system that will give them immediate feedback and a method of charting their progress.  Students will also learn shooting from the strong hand as well as the off hand shooting positions and be proficient in shooting the handgun from the standing, kneeling, prone and barricade positions. Each student will have an opportunity to observe, coach and participate in each range exercise. Most but not all exercises will be conducted within 25 yards.






Don’t become a victim.  Know your rights and learn how to protect your home and family.  The incidents of home invasion are on the rise.   If you are taking your personal protection seriously this class is designed for you.  Learn how to choose the appropriate firearms for your home protection needs. Know the importance of creating and carrying out a plan, know your rights and firearm laws in your area/state, learn firearm safety, be able to use firearms properly for self defence.  etc.





Firearms can be intimidating.  Ladies only firearms classes cater to women shooters who want o learn to defend themselves with a weapon and focus specifically on their needs.  




Considering a Concealed Handgun license?
Thinking about purchasing a handgun for the first time?
Not sure where to being?
Intimidated by the whole process?
Then take our Concealed Handgun license preparatory class.

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of firearms as well as basic firearm safety. You will have the opportunity to handle and fire several different handguns. This will help you as you decide which handgun fits you best. Without having to spend a lot of money on something that does not work for you or fit you. Purchasing a handgun and training is a big investment and commitment. Ensure you are getting the best for your dollar and make sure you learn the correct way the first time. With all the options available how do you decide which gun is for you? The gun store has an interest in selling you a gun so you may not always get the best advice on what fits you personally just what is in stock or costs the most.

By the end of this class you will be fully prepared to purchase your first gun or to properly use your gun. As well as be prepared to shoot the qualifying portion of the CHL exam.





Executive Protection state Department Type Training.


Violence against realtors is on the rise across the nation.  The headlines are covered with stories about countess heinous cases of violence agains realtors.  Real estate agents face serious danger every day they are on the job.  the nature of the job puts realtors at prime target for predators.  How to avoid becoming a victim.



Hunting the Big Five - Learn from a  Licensed Dangerous Game Professional Hunter will take you through the preparatory training for African Adventure Hunting.